About Us

Welcome to SimpMe!

SimpMe is a service that provides individuals with analogies derived from popular interests to explain concepts.  By explaining concepts in a more effective manner SimpMe hopes to increase student understanding rather than focus on rote learning.

"SimpMe plans to disrupt the educational landscape one analogy at a time" - Jordan Perry CEO, Founder

Analogies can help individuals make connections between different concepts and transfer knowledge from a well understood domain like basketball to a domain that is unfamiliar like financial derivatives. Often times certain topics lead to increased confusion not because they are impossible to understand, but because of the way in which an explanation is delivered. SimpMe will combat this through simplicity.

SimpMe aims to decrease the learning gap across the world and spark ones interest to explore a previously foreign concept. By increasing an individuals confidence through analogous learning, SimpMe hopes to make a significant impact within the educational landscape.