• Competitive Analysis

    SimpMe Says The Red Sox are great at studying their opponents when developing game strategies. The team’s general management and coaching staff must study hours of film in order to properly analyze opponents. Identifying star players, streaky hitters, and lights out pitchers is just the surface of what the Red Sox coaching staff is going […]

  • Concentrated Target Marketing

    SimpMe Says The New York Yankees are one of the most popular baseball franchises in the MLB. The Yankees have a rich tradition of winning championships and signing big name superstars to the team. Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Roger Clemens are just a few baseball legends that played extremely well while wearing Yankee jerseys […]

  • Customer Relationship Management

    SimpMe Says Customer relationship management (CRM) involves firms and even sports teams fostering lasting relationships with end consumers.  This is no easy task and the organizations that are capable of implementing the appropriate controls within its business will earn customer loyalty in no time.  Now a days, technology companies (like Salesforce) sell software and applications […]

  • Financial Adviser

    SimpMe Says Being a financial adviser is no easy task and there are a number of tests that an individual must take if he or she desires to earn this designation.  Financial advisers are responsible for managing their clients’ funds and ensuring that they are recommending top of the line financial products that meet each […]

  • Fringe Benefits

    SimpMe Says Most MLB baseball players are signing massive contracts and all of their earnings are usually guaranteed.  These types of contracts are scarce when it comes to other sports such as football, basketball, and hockey.  In addition to huge salaries, MLB players may be given other benefits such as 401K plans and sick leave.  […]

  • High Yield (Junk Bonds)

    SimpMe Says Some MLB players come with a variety of risks, which are closely evaluated by the team’s management.  It is important to view each player as an investment.  MLB teams will want to do scouting reports on each player’s ability to perform at a high level.  However, making an investment in a player with […]

  • Illiquid Asset

    SimpMe Says An asset that nobody wants and is considered worthless would be categorized as an illiquid asset.  This could be a result of the asset poor performance or decrease in value.  This happens to be the case for a number of MLB athletes.  Because baseball is such a worldwide sport, the game has become […]

  • Institutional Fund

    SimpMe Says An institutional fund is a mutual fund that is targeted towards large institutional investors and retirement plans.  Normal investors don’t usually invest in these types of funds because the minimum investment is large. In addition to the benefits large institutions receive from these types of funds, some companies are given excellent season ticket […]

  • Long Investment Strategy

    SimpMe Says Any sports fan who appreciates the game of baseball knows that the Yankees are one of the most profitable teams in the MLB. They invest in young players who can build and enhance the franchise for years to come. If they draft a star pitcher from the Dominican Republic or South Korea, they […]