Basic SIMP List

Basic SIMP List

  • Call-to-Action

    SIMPME SAYS It is virtually impossible to access Foot Locker’s website and not be prompted to subscribe to their monthly newsletter regarding fresh releases.  The sneaker industry is growing rapidly and most sneaker fanatics are engaged with popular products.  Because of this, Foot Locker will use the call-to-action methodology to coerce potential customers to sign up […]

  • Certificate Of Deposit

    SIMPME SAYS Investors who are nervous about the financial environment but desire to earn a minimal return on their capital will utilize these investment vehicles. In comparison to other investments like equity, bonds, and derivatives, Certificates of deposit are relatively safe. These investments are also extremely short term and they normally mature after 1 year. […]

  • Channel Power


    SIMPME SAYS In order for Dunkin Donuts to sell delicious products to consumers, it is critical that they establish trustworthy relationships with their suppliers.  For instance, Dunkin Donuts sells a wide array of juices, milks, and sodas to their loyal customers that need a nice beverage to wash down a chocolate chip muffin or a […]

  • Conversion Path

    SIMPME SAYS The conversion path is the entire process that a brand such as Nike uses to entice consumers to purchase products.  When a user goes on their website, she may have the option to create an account.  The second page on the website will ask the user to fill in certain demographic information.  Finally, […]

  • Dividend


    SimpMe Says A dividend is simply a payment that is rewarded to an investor when their specific stock earns money and distributions occur.  For instance, imagine the Boston Breakers women’s soccer team as a specific company.  The players can be viewed as investments that encompass the company (the entire team).  Whenever these women perform well […]

  • Fiduciary

    SIMPME SAYS A fiduciary is an individual responsible for safekeeping the assets that belong to another person. For instance, J Cole’s music manager is paid to ensure Cole’s belongings are being protected.  The manager’s responsibilities may vary, but the fact remains that part of their job is to make sure that J Cole’s money and […]

  • Retailing

    SIMPME SAYS J. Crew is an awesome clothing brand and they appeal big time to preppy kids worldwide. Their suit collections are as classy as they come; their wide variety of sweatshirts could get you through a frigid winter in Alaska; and their collection of shirts could turn a non-shopper into an instant fanatic. J. […]

  • Retirement Of Assets

    SIMPME SAYS Major construction companies must invest a large amount of capital into equipment and machinery.  This includes plows, bulldozers, and cranes.  All of these investments are expensive, but the goal is that using top line equipment will allow the company to make more money.  If these investments allow the construction company to conduct efficient […]