• Absolute Return

    SimpMe Says Absolute return is an important measure to investors. This return is the increase in value that an asset achieves over a specific time period. A positive absolute return is not guaranteed for an investor which makes it critical for investors to research assets before they invest in them. If we were to calculate […]

  • Accounts Receivable

    SimpMe Says Accounts receivable are any assets that are owed to another company.  Receivables can be found on a company’s balance sheet and the time it takes to cover the amount owed on these receivables varies. If company B sends a product to company A and is waiting for company A to send them cash, […]

  • Audience Tracking

    SimpMe Says Sportscenter is one of the most popular shows on television. You may wake up to gawk over an insane Lebron James dunk or a huge knockout punch from Connor Mcgregor. The scope of highlights are extremely vast and that makes Sportscenter all the more enjoyable. Sportscenter is viewed by millions of people everyday […]

  • Barriers to Entry

    SimpMe Says Competition is stiff across the NBA’s Western Conference. Teams like the Spurs, the Warriors, the Clippers, and the Thunder are just a few of the dominant teams that battle it out annually for playoff spots. The Warriors for instance have an All Star starting lineup that could put up 120 points in a […]

  • Blue Chip Stock

    SimpMe Says A stock issued by a well-established company that has proven to be consistent since its inception.  Kobe Bryant is an example of a blue chip player within the NBA because of his drive, statistics, and obsession to win.  Kobe is a 16 time All-Star, a 15 time All-NBA player, and a 6 time […]

  • Bond Credit Ratings

    SimpMe Says Each year ESPN will create a list of high school football players who they believe are the top 100 players in the nation.  Many desire to attain such recognition, but basketball has grown into a competitive, world sport.  These players are evaluated by scouts and given a grade out of 100%. Bonds are […]

  • Boot-Strapping

    SimpMe Says AAU is a program based out of the United States for young boys and girls to play sports at a competitive level.  There are a number of tournaments nationwide that allow kids to receive exposure from elite high school and college basketball programs.  Often, these organizations will host fundraisers, car washes, and other […]

  • Call Risk Bonds

    SimpMe Says Every NBA team desires to acquire players that they believe will give them the best value for their buck.  Some players cost more than others depending on which individuals are available as free agents.  The free agent market plays a major role in how much a team is willing to pay for a […]

  • Certificate Of Deposit

    SIMPME SAYS Investors who are nervous about the financial environment but desire to earn a minimal return on their capital will utilize these investment vehicles. In comparison to other investments like equity, bonds, and derivatives, Certificates of deposit are relatively safe. These investments are also extremely short term and they normally mature after 1 year. […]