• Bond Credit Ratings

    SimpMe Says Each year ESPN will create a list of high school football players who they believe are the top 100 players in the nation.  Many desire to attain such recognition, but basketball has grown into a competitive, world sport.  These players are evaluated by scouts and given a grade out of 100%. Bonds are […]

  • Boot-Strapping

    SimpMe Says AAU is a program based out of the United States for young boys and girls to play sports at a competitive level.  There are a number of tournaments nationwide that allow kids to receive exposure from elite high school and college basketball programs.  Often, these organizations will host fundraisers, car washes, and other […]

  • Bounce Rate

    SimpMe Says The Bruins sell a variety of merchandise during every game at the TD Garden. Even though this season hasn’t been great for the Bruins, there are always a bunch of fans in the gift and memorabilia shop. If a fan walks into the store that alone does not guarantee that the individual is […]

  • Brand Association

    SimpMe Says There an incredible amount of iced beverage options available at Dunkin Donuts. This was not always the case but an increase in consumer demand as resulted in product development. The Coolata which is Dunkin’s staple beverage is a refreshing slushy that could cool an individual down on the hottest of days. A few […]

  • Brand Loyalty

    SimpMe Says Consuming health and quality food on a day-to-day basis has become more of a priority for Americans. Recent studies regarding the health implications of fast food restaurants and soda have caused a variety of new health conscious players to enter the market. One of the dominant competitors within the industry is Whole Foods. […]

  • Brand Loyalty

    SimpMe Says The idea of purchasing a shirt that costs $1000 on sale makes little to no sense. Unless the shirt gives the buyer super powers, the concept of spending that much money on a shirt is difficult to grasp. However, selling $1000 shirts is child’s play for luxury clothing brands like Versace. The prestige […]

  • Brand Mark

    SimpMe Says Streetwear brands are constantly creating cutting edge designs for t shirts, sneakers, and other accessories. Developing quality products at a low cost is essential for them to stay in business and these brands must employ creative, marketing campaigns that entice consumers. Streetwear fashion has grown immensely within the hip hop world and brands […]

  • Breach of Contract

    SimpMe Says Over the past few seasons it almost seems like each week another NFL player is getting fined for something foolish. Bar fights, a domestic altercation, or a DUI are common offenses. Each incident is technically a breach in a specific player’s contract. The NFL requires players to conduct themselves in a certain manner […]

  • Bundle Pricing

    SimpMe Says The mall is crawling with deals on a weekly basis. Instead of paying full price, certain stores will offer deep discounts to attract a large flow of customers. These deals become more apparent to get rid of certain seasonal clothes before a new season begins. Stores like Champs sell sneakers, athletic apparel, jerseys, […]