• 12b-1 Fees


    SimpMe Says Marketing the new Tesla takes extensive research and time. Tesla has large teams of employees who focus primarily on their marketing efforts. Because the means of communication are transforming with the development of smartphones and other devices, marketing teams must constantly adapt their strategies to effectively market products to consumers. Marketing costs and […]

  • Benefit Segmentation

    SimpMe Says Elon Musk’s Tesla plans to be one of the most innovative products to ever hit the industry. Each vehicle is powered by electricity and Musk believes there are incredible opportunities within this space. Most people are concerned with the environment and carbon emissions, which have worked in tandem with Telsa’s goal to provide […]

  • Cost Pricing

    SimpMe Says This pricing technique is popular within the automobile industry.  In order for Lamborghini to make a sleek vehicle with hopes of earning some sort of profit, the firm must identify their manufacturing costs.  Engines, paint, and brakes are not cheap inputs for a car like this and it is important for Lamborghini to […]

  • Fixed Costs

    SimpMe Says Fixed costs are costs associated to products that do not change per unit. For example, for the Tesla Model S, the cost associated to providing wheels would be the same per car (ie, provided it is the same design of wheel). The overall cost paid on wheels by Tesla will vary depending upon […]

  • Investment Banking

    SimpMe Says When the engine of Danny’s truck starts to make suspicious noises, Danny brings his car to the repair shop. The mechanic takes a look around the engine and tells Danny he needs a new Part A. The mechanic didn’t see any extra Part A’s around the garage, so he checked the back storage […]

  • Portfolio Turnover

    SimpMe Says If a car dealership does a poor job taking care of its salesforce, it won’t take long for them to quit. Working as a car salesman can be a stressful job especially if strict quotas must be met on a weekly basis. This environment can cause a high turnover for the salesmen that […]

  • Premium

    SimpMe Says Purchasing used cars and fixing them up is a major hobby for certain car fanatics. Imagine a guy purchases a 1985 Porsche off of Craigslist for $50,000. After putting work into the car the total amount needed to get the car in working condition was $70,000. Now that the car fanatic has updated […]

  • Present Value

    SimpMe Says Lamborghinis are beautiful sports cars that you may spot at every street corner in cities like Miami and LA. People love being viewed as important within these cities and cruising around in a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador is a great way to get attention. If I was to walk into the Lambo dealership to […]

  • Realized vs. Unrealized Gains

    SimpMe Says Let’s imagine one particular car lover owns a 1978 Bentley that is in mint condition. Every aspect of the vehicle is nothing short of perfection. After owning the car for 37 years, the owner decides that he wants to sell the car. Because the vehicle has never been driven and has been kept […]