• Developed Markets

    SimpMe Says The NBA is the most elite league for basketball players that desire to be the best in the world.  These individuals are extremely gifted and were all considered the best athletes at their respective universities.  Most of these players are collecting huge salaries and endorsements from Nike, Adidas, and Beats by Dre. Similarly, […]

  • Elastic Demand

    SimpMe Says This is an interesting characteristic and it involves a situation when demand for a product either increases or decreases due to a significant change in a product’s price.  This can be bad or good for a company depending on how drastically customers respond. Retail stores such as J-Crew and Victoria’s Secret are known […]

  • Emerging Markets

    SimpMe Says Europe is a great outlet for players fresh out of college who were too talented to play in the development league.  Many of these players are right on the cusp of becoming NBA talent.  As a result, to remain at the top of their game they will choose to play overseas for a […]

  • Exchange Rate

    SimpMe Says The exchange rate is essentially the price it would cost for an individual in one country to pay for the currency in another country.  For instance, the Euro is worth more than the dollar so it would cost an American tourist more dollars to purchase shoes in Spain. Similarly, there are a number […]

  • Free Trade

    SimpMe Says The Internet is making the world smaller and communication across international waters has also sky rocketed. These recent developments are making it easier for companies to do business with foreigners. Websites like Alibaba (the Chinese Amazon and EBay) makes it extremely simple for a business owner to source certain products from Chinese manufacturers. […]

  • Frontier Market

    SimpMe Says The NBA Development League is a subcategory within the NBA.  Many college players who didn’t have the opportunity to get drafted right after their college careers will reside here.  It is important to realize that there are some players that have the potential to make a NBA team after they spend a few […]

  • Recession

    SimpMe Says Google is one of the best technology companies within the industry because of its revolutionary advancements. Google Maps, Android, Gmail, and Google Chrome are just a few of the products Google has developed into consumer favorites–and free favorites at that. Google is the answer to every broke, tech junkie’s prayers. When the economy […]

  • Staying Afloat

    SimpMe Says When times get tough, it is difficult to maintain financial stability. This was the case with ex-Celtic Antoine Walker. Walker was a fan favorite within the city of Boston and he was one of the team’s top scorers. He was exciting to watch and he made a huge impact during his tenure with […]

  • World Trade Organization

    SimpMe Says There are certain leaders in place within the NBA that control the trades that occur. For instance, there are certain rules in place that govern when teams are allowed to be in contact with free agents and negotiate with players that are already signed. In addition, the NBA players union is responsible for […]