• Account Managers

    SimpMe Says An account manager is responsible for selling a company’s products to retail stores, in order to assist them in gaining additional sales.  In addition, account managers are expected to maintain strong relationships with these stores to promote repeat sales. Nike, Converse, and Adidas rely heavily on account managers.  Each brand has a number […]

  • Accounts Payable

    SimpMe Says The accounts payable represents any short –term obligations that an organization is required to cover.  These obligations usually date as far back as one year and it is critical that a company makes sure that they meet these duties.  If a company consistently fails to cover its accounts payable, they will lose creditability. […]

  • Accounts Receivable

    SimpMe Says Accounts receivable are any assets that are owed to another company.  Receivables can be found on a company’s balance sheet and the time it takes to cover the amount owed on these receivables varies. If company B sends a product to company A and is waiting for company A to send them cash, […]

  • Advertising

    SimpMe Says Advertising involves using resources such as the television, magazine, and the internet to market a specific product to individuals.  Some companies do a better job implementing creative techniques to advertise to customers as opposed to using generic methods. We live in a world where fashion trends are constantly changing due to pop culture.  […]

  • Bankruptcy

    SimpMe Says Bankruptcy is a terrible situation for any business, large or small.  This situation comes to fruition when a company is unable to pay creditors for outstanding debt and if illiquidity has become increasingly prevalent within the organization.  Bankruptcy does not automatically occur over night, but instead, it involves companies suffering for an extended […]

  • Brand Loyalty

    SimpMe Says The idea of purchasing a shirt that costs $1000 on sale makes little to no sense. Unless the shirt gives the buyer super powers, the concept of spending that much money on a shirt is difficult to grasp. However, selling $1000 shirts is child’s play for luxury clothing brands like Versace. The prestige […]

  • Brand Mark

    SimpMe Says Streetwear brands are constantly creating cutting edge designs for t shirts, sneakers, and other accessories. Developing quality products at a low cost is essential for them to stay in business and these brands must employ creative, marketing campaigns that entice consumers. Streetwear fashion has grown immensely within the hip hop world and brands […]

  • Bundle Pricing

    SimpMe Says The mall is crawling with deals on a weekly basis. Instead of paying full price, certain stores will offer deep discounts to attract a large flow of customers. These deals become more apparent to get rid of certain seasonal clothes before a new season begins. Stores like Champs sell sneakers, athletic apparel, jerseys, […]

  • Business-to-Business Selling

    SimpMe Says Any time one companies decides to sell a number of products to another company it is safe to conclude that this is business-to-business selling.  These relationships are meant to be developed and are not limited to one-time transactions.  Most businesses hope to conduct repeat business with another company that demands its products. Macy’s […]