• 12b-1 Fees


    SimpMe Says Marketing the new Tesla takes extensive research and time. Tesla has large teams of employees who focus primarily on their marketing efforts. Because the means of communication are transforming with the development of smartphones and other devices, marketing teams must constantly adapt their strategies to effectively market products to consumers. Marketing costs and […]

  • Above Water

    SimpMe Says The Cleveland Browns have been one of the worst teams in the NFL for as long as I can remember. Injuries and coaching changes have been continuous factors that have resulted in the Browns having terrible seasons. The Browns invested in Quarterbacks like RG3 and Johnny Manziel with hopes of them leading the […]

  • Absolute Return

    SimpMe Says Absolute return is an important measure to investors. This return is the increase in value that an asset achieves over a specific time period. A positive absolute return is not guaranteed for an investor which makes it critical for investors to research assets before they invest in them. If we were to calculate […]

  • Adventure Capital

    SimpMe Says Vince McMahon created an empire with the WWE. Professional wrestling has grown immensely since the sport’s early days and it has become one of the most watched shows on television. Superstars like John Cena, The Rock, and The Undertaker have been leaders within the sport and their talents helped elevate the popularity of […]

  • Appreciation

    SimpMe Says Buying a new guitar is always a plus and there are a variety of accessories any musician can purchase to enhance the quality of the music he creates with the instrument. Modifying the bass, the tuner, and the shell of the guitar will increase the value of the instrument. This increase in value […]

  • Arbitrage

    SimpMe Says Taking advantage of the price of an asset within one market and then in turn selling that same asset for a profit is the underlying concept behind arbitrage.  Certain NFL teams have mastered the concept of arbitrage with the help of their coaching staff and front office management.  The Seahawks have become one […]

  • Bailout

    SimpMe Says Many VC firms love taking huge risks on early stage startups.  Most VC firms will invest millions of dollars on certain ventures knowing that only one or two may succeed.  However, the ventures that do hit it big make a ton of money for the firm.  Because of the huge risks that VC […]

  • Bailout

    SimpMe Says Phillip Rivers’ success on the gridiron can be attested to his supporting cast. He always has great receivers and running backs he can rely on to make big plays. Darren Sproles, Antonio Gates, and Ladanian Tomlinson are a few of the freak athletes Rivers has  depended on in the past. These skill players […]

  • Bankruptcy

    SimpMe Says Bankruptcy is a company’s worst nightmare that prevents a firm from succeeding within a market. Poor money management, inefficient leadership, and decreased sales are factors that result in bankruptcy. Keebler cookies are delicious to say the least and they have experienced significant success over the years. If the snack brand begins losing customers […]