• Reinvestment of Dividends

    SimpMe Says During his time with the Celtics, Paul Pierce led the Celtics to a championship, he earned league honors, and he also broke numerous team records. Each one of his accomplishments allowed the team to grow immensely. Whenever Pierce played well, his teammates were motivated more than ever to perform at a high level. […]

  • Reinvestment of Dividends

    SimpMe Says Finding great restaurants requires trial and error. There are certain places that appeal more to a potential customer. If the customer falls in love with the food offered at the restaurant, she will have no problem spending money at the business. The customers are rewarded for their loyalty with discounts and great quality […]

  • Relative Return

    SimpMe Says Making it to the majors is a dream that most young baseball players have during their childhood. Out of the millions of kids worldwide that fall in love with the sport, only a small percentage will make it to the MLB. On top of that, the majority of players in the MLB will […]

  • Required Yield

    SimpMe Says Roy Hibbert became one of the most elite centers in the NBA and a few years ago he signed a major contract making him the Pacers franchise player.  During the Pacers last series against the Atlanta Hawks, Hibbert was not performing well at all.  He averaged 2 points and a couple rebounds, which […]

  • Residual Income

    SimpMe Says Sean “Diddy” Combs came a long way from” trappin and rappin” on the streets of New York with Biggie Smalls.  When individuals doubted his ability to make a name for himself within the industry, Diddy’s passion and desire to succeed was further ignited.  Diddy has made hit songs and he has also signed […]

  • Restriced Cash

    SimpMe Says Because of his incredible musical talent and influence on pop/hip hop culture, it is safe to conclude that Usher is one of the greatest artists to step on stage.  Usher has sold out thousands of concerts and broken album sale records over the course of his monumental career.  Usher has also signed superstar […]

  • Restructuring

    SimpMe Says Companies, sports teams, and organizations often restructure in order to perform at a more efficient level. Restructuring could involve layoffs, hiring new management, or combining departments. For instance, the Cleveland Cavaliers were the worst team on an annual basis back in the day. The team could barely finish a season with a winning […]

  • Return on Investment

    SimpMe Says This ratio is used to measure and analyze the effectiveness of a particular investment in comparison to other investments.  Any investor will want to identify this measurement before he or she commits to a specific product. Before Derek Jeter was drafted by the Yankees, their organization had to analyze whether or not he […]

  • Setup Costs

    SimpMe Says Setup costs are the costs required to properly implement a business venture. For example, starting a lemonade stand requires a table, lemons, water, and a pitcher.  Purchasing these items are the setup costs associated to running a lemonade stand.  There are two aspects that are important to recognize: (1) Setup costs are critical […]