• Shareholder Report

    SimpMe Says Every mutual fund is required to send a report to shareholders that describe how the fund performed over certain time periods.  This packet will describe market conditions and in turn which securities within the fund performed poorly.  In a similar fashion, NBA managers will evaluate stat sheets to identify which players did well […]

  • Shares Outstanding

    SimpMe Says Dominos makes delicious pizza that makes a bad day great. Usually these pizzas can be cut into 8 slices especially with a large pie. If the pizza tastes as great as usual, 5 slices will disappear in a matter of seconds. Similarly, companies can offer shares of its stock in the market. When […]

  • Short Term Investments

    SimpMe Says Some of the best pizza shops are the local mom and pops. These smaller shops are usually family owned and are staples within towns and cities. Often times the amount of resources these shops have at their disposal is extremely limited. If a shop owner needs a napkin dispenser, he or she may […]

  • Small Capitalization

    SimpMe Says NCAA football programs like the NESCAC, which is comprised of colleges like Bowdoin, Colby, Amherst, and Williams would be prime examples of small universities with competitive football programs.  These colleges are great for athletes who don’t have aspirations to make it to the NFL, but still enjoy playing football.  In addition, NESCAC schools […]

  • Small Capitalization

    SimpMe Says Companies that are categorized as having a small capitalization do not have a large amount of stock trading in the market. These companies are normally new to the public stock market. In order for small cap companies to grow, they must appeal to investors who have disposable income that they are willing to […]

  • Standard of Living

    SimpMe Says Christiano Ronaldo is loaded let’s face it. The guy makes millions of dollars each year through team contracts, endorsements, and signing events. He has become one of the “most wanted” soccer players by women worldwide. Because of his popularity and wealth, Ronaldo is capable of purchasing the flashiest cars and wearing the trendiest […]

  • Stock Broker

    SimpMe Says Because musicians are constantly traveling and making hits, they need a manager to plan concerts, meet and greets, and perhaps radio interview opportunities. The manger works on behalf of the artist to handle duties he doesn’t have time to focus on. Similarly, a stock broker works on behalf of investors to find the proper […]

  • Stock Performance

    SimpMe Says Many college standout players have incredible careers at their respective universities.  Tim Tebow was one of the toughest and most talented players to ever wear the Gator uniform.  Brady Quinn played his heart out during his time at University of Notre Dame and he led them to a number of bowl games.  What […]

  • Stock Price Declines

    SimpMe Says Often times a team may sign a player who they believe can make a difference.  Jamarcus Russell came into the league as a player with unbelievable potential.  However, after a few years Russell did not perform well and the Raiders were forced to cut their losses and let him go.  They paid Russell […]