• Buy-Sell Agreement

    SimpMe Says The music industry has transformed over the years primarily because major artists are getting involved in a variety of businesses. Back in the day, most rappers were focused on being only rappers. Nothing else seemed to matter and that’s all they knew. However, rappers like Jay-Z started changing the game. Jay-Z started his […]

  • Buyout

    SimpMe Says Liverpool is one of the most elite soccer teams within Europe. Because of the team’s success they are capable of attracting top talent from across the world.  Liverpool has a coaching staff that’s biggest goal is to win games and to continually recruit budding superstars. In addition, the team’s owner wants to win […]

  • Call Risk Bonds

    SimpMe Says Every NBA team desires to acquire players that they believe will give them the best value for their buck.  Some players cost more than others depending on which individuals are available as free agents.  The free agent market plays a major role in how much a team is willing to pay for a […]

  • Capital Asset

    SimpMe Says Robert Kraft is the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots. Before Kraft bought the franchise he was already a successful businessman. He owned a variety of ventures with family members that generated millions of dollars in profits each year. Kraft’s vision for the franchise eventually led him to embark on the creation […]

  • Capital Input

    SimpMe Says Lil Yachty is one of the most interesting and buzzing artists within the music industry. Yachty’s rhythmic lyrics and catchy beats are fan favorites to most music lovers. The Atlanta based rapper has exploded in popularity because of his large following on social media platforms such as SoundCloud, Instagram, and Snapchat. In a […]

  • Capital Structure (Debt vs. Equity)

    SimpMe Says The Patriots are arguably one of the most successful franchises in the sports world. A majority of the teams’ success can be attributed to the system. The coaching staff, led by Big Bill Bellichick, has the ability to make an undrafted free agent from Australia a superstar in the NFL. Because of the […]

  • Certificate Of Deposit

    SIMPME SAYS Investors who are nervous about the financial environment but desire to earn a minimal return on their capital will utilize these investment vehicles. In comparison to other investments like equity, bonds, and derivatives, Certificates of deposit are relatively safe. These investments are also extremely short term and they normally mature after 1 year. […]

  • Collateral

    SimpMe Says The Western Hawks Hockey team arrives at the hockey rink an hour before their game to get dressed in their uniforms. Their coach asks the rink manager for a key to unlock the locker room so the team can get ready. The manager is glad to lend a locker room key to the […]

  • Conglomerate

    SimpMe Says When large enterprises combine to form one entity, the resulting business would be described as a conglomerate. Often times these business arrangements allow companies to be much more profitable. Imagine Kanye’s label G.O.O.D Music partnering with Drake’s label OVO Sound to do a business venture. In addition, they decide that they need an […]