• Cost Benefit Analysis

    SimpMe Says Whenever Poptart plans to launch a new flavor, it is important for them to conduct significant research.  Their consumers are the driving forces to their success and it is important to give the people what they want.  Marketing, development, ingredients, and distribution are all critical factors that Poptart must consider before releasing the […]

  • Credit Report

    SimpMe Says Borrowing capital is a great way for a business to embark on a venture.  It is important to identify the biggest catch associated with borrowing known as a credit report. Imagine Apple is looking to launch a new Mac computer, but it needs to raise money to create the product.  Apple decides to […]

  • Customer Relationship Management

    SimpMe Says CRM is a system for managing all customer touchpoints to make sure that every customer receives the same quality experience and impressions from the brand. Think about the process of getting ticketed to a Villanova basketball game. The e-mails sent out through the lottery website, the representatives inside the stadium, and the announcers […]

  • Deal Flow

    SimpMe Says Deal flow is a calculation of the amount of business pitches that certain investment companies are receiving over a period of time. Deal flow depends on a variety of economic factors particularly because most companies that are making business pitches are looking for investment capital. If the market is fluctuating greatly, this will […]

  • Defaulted Bonds

    SimpMe Says When the Raiders drafted Jamarcus Russell the team expected him to become their franchise player. Russell was the best quarterback in college and he had shattered a number of NCAA records during his tenure at LSU. His combination of speed, agility, and strength for a guy his size was incredible to say the […]

  • Discount Bond

    SimpMe Says Some NFL players proved to be great investments during the early years of their careers. A player like Ed Reed from the Baltimore Ravens would be an amazing pick up 6 years ago but now Reed is getting older. It is difficult for teams to sign a player like Reed who is definitely […]

  • Diversification

    SimpMe Says Some individuals consider themselves active traders and they enjoy investing in a variety of financial securities.  There are investors who prefer stocks and others who prefer safer bonds, but at the bottom line, both safe and risky investors desire to diversify their portfolio. In the same sense that an investor will diversify his […]

  • Dividend


    SimpMe Says A dividend is simply a payment that is rewarded to an investor when their specific stock earns money and distributions occur.  For instance, imagine the Boston Breakers women’s soccer team as a specific company.  The players can be viewed as investments that encompass the company (the entire team).  Whenever these women perform well […]

  • Exchange Traded Funds


    SimpMe Says Fantasy football has become increasingly popular over the past years, while empowering football lovers to feel like actual managers. Individuals can easily create leagues with their friends as they compete for bragging rights. Users are able to pick their favorite players through a mock draft. The user that finishes the season with the […]