• Complementary Goods

    SimpMe Says Marketers often work with brands and stores to explain the benefits of selling complementary goods together.  By doing this, some stores may offer discounts and coupons to consumers if they purchase the goods together.  Skippy Peanut Butter and Welch’s Concord Jelly are two pivotal complements.  Yes, one could eat a peanut butter or […]

  • Consumable Product

    SimpMe Says Going to the supermarket to purchase breakfast food can be an extremely stressful process especially when you take a walk down the cereal aisle.  Frosted Flakes, Apples Jacks, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Fruit Loops are just a few of the options available to shoppers.  Because each choice is a guaranteed win, making a […]

  • Contract

    SimpMe Says Before Lays Chips decides that it wants to do business with Whole Foods, there are a number of contracts that must be reviewed.  This contract between both entities will describe their business relationship and certain terms/conditions.  In addition, the contract will discuss the rules that govern this relationship and any punishments that are […]

  • Core Marketing Strategy

    SimpMe Says Frosted Flakes are hands down one of the most delicious cereal options on the market. Despite the fact that a bowl of Frosted Flakes has limited nutritional value children will always beg their parents to purchase a box when grocery shopping. The love consumers have for Frosted Flakes didn’t happen overnight but instead […]

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    SimpMe Says Whenever Poptart plans to launch a new flavor, it is important for them to conduct significant research.  Their consumers are the driving forces to their success and it is important to give the people what they want.  Marketing, development, ingredients, and distribution are all critical factors that Poptart must consider before releasing the […]

  • Database Marketing

    SimpMe Says Organizations that are capable of gathering large amounts of consumer information are valuable.  The world is becoming more data driven because of technological advancements, the Internet, and mobile phones.  As a result, information is being shared continuously by individuals.  More specifically, fast food chains like Dominos are constantly requiring Pizza lovers to fill […]

  • Horizontal Merger

    SimpMe Says Colin’s Lemonade and Jared’s Juices are two lemonade stands across the street from each other. They both have to pay for cups, ingredients, a sign, and a table. After competing for business, Colin and Jared decide to work together. Instead of paying for two signs, two tables, and two sets of ingredients, the […]

  • Illiquidity

    SimpMe Says There aren’t too many people in this world that don’t appreciate a solid bake sale. At these events, individuals will sell cookies, brownies, and other pastries to generate cash. Some pastries are more popular than others and there is no guarantee that all of the snacks will sell. This causes some pastries to […]

  • Industrial Goods

    SimpMe Says Moscoto, Jack Daniels, and Ciroc are popular alcoholic beverages that make a sad college kid happy in a matter of minutes (this also depends on how fast he or she drinks but that is beside the point).  These companies must invest in machinery that is used to bottle all of the alcohol in […]