• IT Infrastructure

    SimpMe Says Appliances act similar to IT Infrastructure.  For example, a refrigerator can be compared to the infrastructure.  The fridge itself could be seen as the IT repository that allows a person to store food and organize it in a way that will make it retrievable later on.  The “hardware” of the fridge will be […]

  • Market Research

    SimpMe Says Poptarts are delicious no matter the time of day. However, the brand must compete with other snack providers like granola bar manufacturers, cookie companies, and even chip makers. Only the strong survive within the competitive food industry. The best way for Poptart to gauge popular opinion prior to launching a snack is through […]

  • Prospectus

    SimpMe Says Cooking food is like an art especially for chefs who follow recipes. The recipes describe what ingredients should be included for the best results and the menu at a restaurant gives the customer an idea of what to expect. The menu gives the buyer a certain peace of mind when investing in a […]

  • Reinvestment of Dividends

    SimpMe Says Finding great restaurants requires trial and error. There are certain places that appeal more to a potential customer. If the customer falls in love with the food offered at the restaurant, she will have no problem spending money at the business. The customers are rewarded for their loyalty with discounts and great quality […]

  • Replacement Costs

    SimpMe Says Lays Chips provides consumers with quite frankly some of the most delicious snacks ever to hit the market.  It is difficult to go wrong with a bag of BBQ, sour cream and onion, or plain Lays.  The snack provider invests a large amount capital into machinery that is responsible for packaging the snacks.  […]

  • Return Of Capital


    SimpMe Says Investing in the next big chocolate bar would be pretty dope and if you don’t like chocolate then you are missing out big time. Let’s imagine Hershey planned to launch a new super chocolate bar that was not only delicious, but a healthy alternative to their traditional candies. The executive team then proceeds […]

  • Setup Costs

    SimpMe Says Setup costs are the costs required to properly implement a business venture. For example, starting a lemonade stand requires a table, lemons, water, and a pitcher.  Purchasing these items are the setup costs associated to running a lemonade stand.  There are two aspects that are important to recognize: (1) Setup costs are critical […]

  • Shares Outstanding

    SimpMe Says Dominos makes delicious pizza that makes a bad day great. Usually these pizzas can be cut into 8 slices especially with a large pie. If the pizza tastes as great as usual, 5 slices will disappear in a matter of seconds. Similarly, companies can offer shares of its stock in the market. When […]