• Breach of Contract

    SimpMe Says Over the past few seasons it almost seems like each week another NFL player is getting fined for something foolish. Bar fights, a domestic altercation, or a DUI are common offenses. Each incident is technically a breach in a specific player’s contract. The NFL requires players to conduct themselves in a certain manner […]

  • Bureaucracy

    SimpMe Says Every major record label has some level of hierarchy or tiers within the organization. Often there is a board of directors at the top level and then you have executive managers who report directly to the board. Below the executives you have the label managers who are responsible for certain entry level music […]

  • Business Development Training

    SimpMe Says Some Hip Hop Labels are run by business minded moguls who simply have a knack for music. Most have never attended a prestige business school, but they know how to flat out make money. Often times this skill is not evenly distributed throughout the label. As a result, many big time labels will […]

  • Business-to-Business Selling

    SimpMe Says Any time one companies decides to sell a number of products to another company it is safe to conclude that this is business-to-business selling.  These relationships are meant to be developed and are not limited to one-time transactions.  Most businesses hope to conduct repeat business with another company that demands its products. Macy’s […]

  • C-Suite Executives

    SimpMe Says Lyor Cohen is big name within the music industry. Cohen began his career working alongside hip hop legends, Run DMC. Cohen managed Run DMC and he also worked with Public Enemy. Since his humble beginnings, Cohen has served as an executive at labels such as Def Jam and Warner Music Group. Cohen recently […]

  • Contract

    SimpMe Says Before Lays Chips decides that it wants to do business with Whole Foods, there are a number of contracts that must be reviewed.  This contract between both entities will describe their business relationship and certain terms/conditions.  In addition, the contract will discuss the rules that govern this relationship and any punishments that are […]

  • Defective Products

    SimpMe Says Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Burberry are just a few of the popular brands that women appreciate today.  Their handbags have proven to be a hit and it is normal for most girls to include these luxury products on their Christmas wish-lists.  Due to such high demand, it isn’t unusual for these items to […]

  • Defective Products

    SimpMe Says The New York Knicks have a large basketball market and it is important that they exploit their fan base by selling a large amount of products.  From sweatshirts to water bottles, the New York Knicks are capable of marketing a diverse product portfolio to Knicks fans.  However, increased product production could result in […]

  • Defective Products

    SimpMe Says Everlast is one of the major providers of boxing equipment within the industry.  They produce gloves, wraps, and even punching bags.  In addition, it is virtually impossible to watch a prime time boxing fight and not observe an Everlast advertisement somewhere in the ring.  Even though the company is a large player within […]