• Account Managers

    SimpMe Says An account manager is responsible for selling a company’s products to retail stores, in order to assist them in gaining additional sales.  In addition, account managers are expected to maintain strong relationships with these stores to promote repeat sales. Nike, Converse, and Adidas rely heavily on account managers.  Each brand has a number […]

  • Advertising

    SimpMe Says Advertising involves using resources such as the television, magazine, and the internet to market a specific product to individuals.  Some companies do a better job implementing creative techniques to advertise to customers as opposed to using generic methods. We live in a world where fashion trends are constantly changing due to pop culture.  […]

  • Audience Tracking

    SimpMe Says Sportscenter is one of the most popular shows on television. You may wake up to gawk over an insane Lebron James dunk or a huge knockout punch from Connor Mcgregor. The scope of highlights are extremely vast and that makes Sportscenter all the more enjoyable. Sportscenter is viewed by millions of people everyday […]

  • Bargaining Zone

    SimpMe Says Google is known for acquiring creative companies with hopes of incorporating innovative processes into it business model.  Acquisitions have allowed Google to gain a competitive edge within the industry and lets admit it who wouldn’t want to work for a company as awesome as Google?  When Google purchased the Android operating system, it […]

  • Barriers to Entry

    SimpMe Says Competition is stiff across the NBA’s Western Conference. Teams like the Spurs, the Warriors, the Clippers, and the Thunder are just a few of the dominant teams that battle it out annually for playoff spots. The Warriors for instance have an All Star starting lineup that could put up 120 points in a […]

  • Benefit Segmentation

    SimpMe Says Elon Musk’s Tesla plans to be one of the most innovative products to ever hit the industry. Each vehicle is powered by electricity and Musk believes there are incredible opportunities within this space. Most people are concerned with the environment and carbon emissions, which have worked in tandem with Telsa’s goal to provide […]

  • Bounce Rate

    SimpMe Says The Bruins sell a variety of merchandise during every game at the TD Garden. Even though this season hasn’t been great for the Bruins, there are always a bunch of fans in the gift and memorabilia shop. If a fan walks into the store that alone does not guarantee that the individual is […]

  • Brand Association

    SimpMe Says There an incredible amount of iced beverage options available at Dunkin Donuts. This was not always the case but an increase in consumer demand as resulted in product development. The Coolata which is Dunkin’s staple beverage is a refreshing slushy that could cool an individual down on the hottest of days. A few […]

  • Brand Loyalty

    SimpMe Says Consuming health and quality food on a day-to-day basis has become more of a priority for Americans. Recent studies regarding the health implications of fast food restaurants and soda have caused a variety of new health conscious players to enter the market. One of the dominant competitors within the industry is Whole Foods. […]