• Appreciation

    SimpMe Says Buying a new guitar is always a plus and there are a variety of accessories any musician can purchase to enhance the quality of the music he creates with the instrument. Modifying the bass, the tuner, and the shell of the guitar will increase the value of the instrument. This increase in value […]

  • Benchmarking

    SimpMe Says Drake is a true pioneer within the music industry because of his unique sound and versatility. Albums like “Take Care”, “Nothing was the same”, and “So far gone” are timeless works of art that bump to this day. Drake did not come into the rap game with the mentality of being an average […]

  • Blue Chip Stock

    SimpMe Says Usher Raymond produces nothing but hits whenever he occasionally drops a new record for music lovers. Because of his success and musical knowledge, businesses and musicians want to invest time in working with Usher. Usher’s reputation within the industry had to be developed over time through award nominations, album sales, and sold out […]

  • Blue Chip Stock

    SimpMe Says Every investor wants to make money from the stocks they own but there is no guarantee that specific companies will make money year over year. There are certain organizations that have developed a great reputation within the market because of consistent profits and gains. Because of the consistent progress a company like Google […]

  • Bureaucracy

    SimpMe Says Every major record label has some level of hierarchy or tiers within the organization. Often there is a board of directors at the top level and then you have executive managers who report directly to the board. Below the executives you have the label managers who are responsible for certain entry level music […]

  • Business Development Training

    SimpMe Says Some Hip Hop Labels are run by business minded moguls who simply have a knack for music. Most have never attended a prestige business school, but they know how to flat out make money. Often times this skill is not evenly distributed throughout the label. As a result, many big time labels will […]

  • Buy-Sell Agreement

    SimpMe Says The music industry has transformed over the years primarily because major artists are getting involved in a variety of businesses. Back in the day, most rappers were focused on being only rappers. Nothing else seemed to matter and that’s all they knew. However, rappers like Jay-Z started changing the game. Jay-Z started his […]

  • C-Suite Executives

    SimpMe Says Lyor Cohen is big name within the music industry. Cohen began his career working alongside hip hop legends, Run DMC. Cohen managed Run DMC and he also worked with Public Enemy. Since his humble beginnings, Cohen has served as an executive at labels such as Def Jam and Warner Music Group. Cohen recently […]

  • Capital Input

    SimpMe Says Lil Yachty is one of the most interesting and buzzing artists within the music industry. Yachty’s rhythmic lyrics and catchy beats are fan favorites to most music lovers. The Atlanta based rapper has exploded in popularity because of his large following on social media platforms such as SoundCloud, Instagram, and Snapchat. In a […]