• Buyout

    SimpMe Says Liverpool is one of the most elite soccer teams within Europe. Because of the team’s success they are capable of attracting top talent from across the world.  Liverpool has a coaching staff that’s biggest goal is to win games and to continually recruit budding superstars. In addition, the team’s owner wants to win […]

  • Dividend


    SimpMe Says A dividend is simply a payment that is rewarded to an investor when their specific stock earns money and distributions occur.  For instance, imagine the Boston Breakers women’s soccer team as a specific company.  The players can be viewed as investments that encompass the company (the entire team).  Whenever these women perform well […]

  • Exchange Rate

    SimpMe Says The exchange rate is essentially the price it would cost for an individual in one country to pay for the currency in another country.  For instance, the Euro is worth more than the dollar so it would cost an American tourist more dollars to purchase shoes in Spain. Similarly, there are a number […]

  • Hypercompetition

    SimpMe Says In the past, soccer teams with the highest budgets were able to quickly sign talent with little competition.  This was because only a few dynasties with deep pockets, allowing them to have a sustainable advantage.  Today, a far greater number of teams with rich investors exist providing more competition of who will sign […]

  • Organizational Cost

    SimpMe Says The New England Revolution has been one of the top teams within the MLS for years. They have won a number of championships within what is becoming an even more competitive soccer league. When the Revolution first started its franchise there were certain costs that the team had to incur. Salaries, equipment, marketing, […]

  • Profit

    SimpMe Says Profit is one of the most basic business concepts.  This number is the difference between an organization’s revenues and the costs incurred over a specific time period.  Depending on the economic or business environment, a company can have either positive or negative profits. Real Madrid is one of the most popular soccer clubs […]

  • Standard of Living

    SimpMe Says Christiano Ronaldo is loaded let’s face it. The guy makes millions of dollars each year through team contracts, endorsements, and signing events. He has become one of the “most wanted” soccer players by women worldwide. Because of his popularity and wealth, Ronaldo is capable of purchasing the flashiest cars and wearing the trendiest […]

  • Value Chain

    SimpMe Says Puma is a well-respected sportswear brand and they are popular particularly because of their well-designed soccer cleats.  They have been able to land partnerships with a wide variety of soccer clubs across the world.  In order for Puma to sustain such a high level of success, it is important for the firm’s value […]