• Loss Deferrals

    SimpMe Says The MLB is a competitive business and there are teams that tend to be more profitable than others. The Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox are two teams that fall on opposite ends of this spectrum. The Sox are notorious for winning seasons and making playoff appearances, whereas the Rockies struggle to […]

  • Return Of Capital


    SimpMe Says Investing in the next big chocolate bar would be pretty dope and if you don’t like chocolate then you are missing out big time. Let’s imagine Hershey planned to launch a new super chocolate bar that was not only delicious, but a healthy alternative to their traditional candies. The executive team then proceeds […]

  • Tax Provision

    SimpMe Says The farming industry takes a ton of effort especially in areas that are known for lucrative harvests. When the season begins, the farmer must lay down soil and seeds with hopes of yielding an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Some of his crop could be sold at the local market or he could […]