The Simp-List

The Simp-List

  • Advertising

    SimpMe Says Advertising involves using resources such as the television, magazine, and the internet to market a specific product to individuals.  Some companies do a better job implementing creative techniques to advertise to customers as opposed to using generic methods. We live in a world where fashion trends are constantly changing due to pop culture.  […]

  • Appreciation

    SimpMe Says Buying a new guitar is always a plus and there are a variety of accessories any musician can purchase to enhance the quality of the music he creates with the instrument. Modifying the bass, the tuner, and the shell of the guitar will increase the value of the instrument. This increase in value […]

  • Arbitrage

    SimpMe Says Taking advantage of the price of an asset within one market and then in turn selling that same asset for a profit is the underlying concept behind arbitrage.  Certain NFL teams have mastered the concept of arbitrage with the help of their coaching staff and front office management.  The Seahawks have become one […]

  • Audience Tracking

    SimpMe Says Sportscenter is one of the most popular shows on television. You may wake up to gawk over an insane Lebron James dunk or a huge knockout punch from Connor Mcgregor. The scope of highlights are extremely vast and that makes Sportscenter all the more enjoyable. Sportscenter is viewed by millions of people everyday […]

  • Bailout

    SimpMe Says Many VC firms love taking huge risks on early stage startups.  Most VC firms will invest millions of dollars on certain ventures knowing that only one or two may succeed.  However, the ventures that do hit it big make a ton of money for the firm.  Because of the huge risks that VC […]

  • Bailout

    SimpMe Says Phillip Rivers’ success on the gridiron can be attested to his supporting cast. He always has great receivers and running backs he can rely on to make big plays. Darren Sproles, Antonio Gates, and Ladanian Tomlinson are a few of the freak athletes Rivers has  depended on in the past. These skill players […]

  • Balance Sheet

    SimpMe Says Chipotle burritos and bowls are delicious meals especially when you are starving for food. What makes the food even better is throwing some of Chipotle’s famous guacamole right on top. Chipotle must purchase expensive equipment like fridges, ovens, and dishwashers in order to provide consumers with food they cherish. In addition, Chipotle may […]

  • Bankruptcy

    SimpMe Says Bankruptcy is a company’s worst nightmare that prevents a firm from succeeding within a market. Poor money management, inefficient leadership, and decreased sales are factors that result in bankruptcy. Keebler cookies are delicious to say the least and they have experienced significant success over the years. If the snack brand begins losing customers […]

  • Bankruptcy

    SimpMe Says Bankruptcy is a terrible situation for any business, large or small.  This situation comes to fruition when a company is unable to pay creditors for outstanding debt and if illiquidity has become increasingly prevalent within the organization.  Bankruptcy does not automatically occur over night, but instead, it involves companies suffering for an extended […]